Complementary Use Proposal Program – 2013A

Complementary Use Proposal Program – 2013A

Program Objectives

As part of their respective roles as Registered Institution responsible for the promotion of Public Beamline utilization at J-PARC MLF and SPring-8, CROSS and JASRI have commenced in the 2013A proposal round a trial of a Complementary Use Proposal Program.

By encouraging and supporting the simultaneous and complementary use of pulsed neutrons (J-PARC MLF) and synchrotron radiation (SPring-8 ), the program aims to enhance the quality, scope and impact of research outcomes from the Public Beamlines through improved efficiency and effectiveness.

How it works

Applicants wishing to have their proposals considered within the Complementary Use Program framework are asked to submit separate proposals through the General Use Access Programs of both J-PARC MLF and SPring-8. These applications will be considered separately within the normal proposal assessment mechanisms of each facility. If the proposals are approved by both facilities, they will be recognized as "Complementary Use" proposals. In the event that a proposal is approved by only one facility, the approved proposal will not be deemed to be for "Complementary Use" but treated as a regular application.

How to Apply

All applications are to be submitted as Non-proprietary General Use proposals using the online J-PARC Proposal Submission System .

At the time of lodgment, applicants should mark their application as "Complementary Use" on the first line of the proposal title.

Applications should include:

Applicable Beamlines

Note that the Complementary Use Program applies only the Public Beamlines of J-PARC MLF and SPring-8. For more information about the Public Beamlines, please see the links below.


Please note that the applicant eligibility criteria, the proposal submission deadline and the applicable operations period are the same as for regular proposals (See Call for Proposals TOP).

More information

For more information about the Complementary Use Proposal Program, please contact CROSS-Tokai at:

Utilization Promotion Division
Rm B301, IQBRC Bldg, 162-1 Shirakata, Tokai, Ibaraki, JAPAN 319-1106
T: +81 29 219 5310 (x3122)
F: +81 29 219 5311
E: user_question*

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