Mission and Guiding Principles of CROSS

April 1, 2017
Comprehensive Research Organization for Science and Society (CROSS)


Promoting excellent research output at J-PARC MLF through comprehensive user support, leading to innovation in science and technology and contributing to the evolution of society.

Guiding Principles

  1. Conduct fair selection of proposals for neutron research.
  2. Endeavor to expand research fields to foster new users and novel applications.
  3. Provide comprehensive and reliable support for users.
  4. Strive to improve instrumentation and experimental techniques, to promote advanced research and to maximize scientific output.
  5. Make research findings accessible to society so as to nurture people’s understanding for the importance and benefits of neutron research.
  6. Promote collaboration with domestic and international scientists and research institutions and aim to become a leading research center for neutron science.
  7. Foster scientists and engineers with high levels of expertise and wide perspectives in neutron research.