Call for Proposals

General Use Program

The Call for Proposals of the 2019B General Use Program at MLF were closed.

J-PARC and CROSS call for proposals of General Use Program twice a year with submission deadlines falling in June and November. Please check back regularly on the latest information about calls for proposals and submission deadlines.

Former General Use Program

New User Promotion

CROSS is now accepting proposals and expressions of interest for access to the neutron Public Beamlines at J-PARC MLF under the 2019B New User Promotion.
New User Promotion is aimed at assisting novice users of neutron-based techniques gain experience and expertise that will allow them to become independent General Use applicants in the future.

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Urgent Access

The Directors of CROSS and MLF may at any time grant beamtime from their discretionary allocation in order to facilitate research that they believe is worthy of expedited access to MLF. To qualify for Urgent Access beamtime, the proposed experiment must be of major scientific, economic or social significance.

Applications to the Urgent Access mechanism can be made at ANY TIME.

If you wish to apply for Urgent Access beamtime, please contact the director of MLF Division of the J-PARC Center.

Toshiji Kanaya
Director of Materials and Life Science Division J-PARC Center Tokai-mura,
Naka-gun, Ibaraki-ken, 319-1195, Japan
Tel.:+81-29-284-4208/Fax: +81-29-284-4899
E-mail: tkanaya[at]

Long Term Proposals

The Call for Proposals for the 2019B Long Term Proposals at MLF is now CLOSED.

J-PARC and CROSS call for the proposals of the Long Term Proposals once a year. Renewed notice will be announced in December. Please visit web site regularly and check the latest information about calls for proposals and submission deadlines.