Safety Section

Safety Section

Business outline

  1. Radiation safety management for CROSS staff working in radiation facilities and educations for them,
  2. Health and safety management for CROSS staff under the guidance of occupational health physician,
  3. Safety management of experimental facilities through regular inspection and safety drill,
  4. Safety examination for research proposals using J-PARC MLF.

Main Members

Phone: (+81)29-219-5300
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柴山 充弘
Dr. Shibayama Mitsuhiro
Section head(Director)
Email : m_shibayama
Dr.Koji Kiriyama
Dr. Koji Kiriyama
Section manager (Associate engineer)
Email : k_kiriyama
MLF team: MLF safety team
R&D information: researchmap
Dr.Yoshifumi Sakaguchi
Dr. Yoshifumi SAKAGUCHI
Section manager (Principal researcher)
Email: y_sakaguchi
MLF team: MLF SE team
MLF SciTech group: Disordered materials research group
R&D information: researchmap