Basic Policy on Screening of the Research Proposals for Public Beamlines

Basic Policy on Screening of the Research Proposals for Public Beamlines

March 30, 2011
Revised: July 13, 2011
August 25, 2016
Registered Institution for Facilities Use Promotion
Comprehensive Research Organization for Science and Society

In accordance with the “Basic Policy regarding the Promotion of Public Use of the Specific Neutron Beam Facilities” based on the “Act on the Promotion of Public Utilization of the Specific Advanced Large Research Facilities”(Act number 78,1994) Article 4, paragraph(1) of the Act, Comprehensive Research Organization for Science and Society ( hereinafter referred to as CROSS) shall conduct research proposal selection for the Neutron Facilities for Public Use (hereinafter referred to as Public Beamlines ) as a Registered Institution for Facilities Use Promotion ( hereinafter referred to as Registered Institution) in conformity with the policies shown below.

Since the Specific Neutron Beam Facilities are the advanced facilities of pulsed neutron source with high versatility, which rank with the best in the world, CROSS shall invite and review proposals in consideration of providing equal opportunity to use the facilities for users at home and abroad and for all the research fields through transparent proposal selection procedures.

At the same time, CROSS shall see to it that it fully utilizes the capabilities and resources of the facilities so that it shall function as a core base of disseminating a great number of high-quality research results. It also strives to exist as a center of excellence and a hub for exchanging ideas based on world’s-best practice with competencies.

CROSS shall continuously help the neutron research techniques become more sophisticated. It shall also contribute to fostering researchers while maintaining the support and confidence of the Japanese people toward the development and management of the neutron facilities.

Taking into consideration that Japan Proton Accelerator Research Complex (hereinafter referred to as J-PARC) is jointly managed by Japan Atomic Energy Agency (hereinafter referred to as JAEA) and High Energy Accelerator Research Organization (hereinafter referred to as KEK), CROSS shall closely cooperate with them. It shall also try to ensure cooperation with the local municipal government in order to revitalize the scientific and technological activity and to promote the creation of new industry and business in the area so that it can further enhance industry-academia-government cooperation and develop an environment for active introduction of scientists from abroad.

When the use of other quantum beam line facilities seems adequate, or better results might be expected by using other beam facilities, CROSS shall willingly recommend them and aim at conducting appropriate role sharing.

1. Allocation of the usage opportunities

As a general rule, CROSS shall make the Public Beamlines available for a wide range of research disciplines through open calls for general proposals carried out by researchers from home and abroad of industrial, academic and governmental organization.

2. General Proposal

  • 2.1 CROSS shall invite general proposals from the public. It shall post calls for proposals on the websites and set up a link to J-PARC center home page on a regular basis to widely disseminate information at home and abroad about the proposal calls. Generally, proposals are open for call twice a year. Hereinafter these proposals are referred to as Regular Proposals. The provisions of the timing of proposal selection and the period of user time are announced at a later date. Selected proposals are valid during the forthcoming research term.
  • 2.2 Notwithstanding the article 2.1, CROSS shall accept and promptly review proposals that are deemed urgent and important as Urgent Proposals at any time.

3. Review Criteria for Selecting Research Proposals

Research proposals of a wide range of scientific disciplines shall be fully peer-reviewed and then selected under the criteria outlined below.

Proposal selection shall be conducted based on “Science and Technology Basic Plan” and other related national policies. CROSS shall seek to ensure that creative and pioneering research proposals are approved. The contribution to the socioeconomic development and the validity based on conventional wisdom of the proposal are also evaluated. For the proposals that are expected to produce results contributing to key industrial technologies CROSS shall give due consideration to the importance of reproducing similar results as previously achieved.


  • 3.1 Scientific value
  • 3.2 Industrial use value
  • 3.3 Social meaning
  • 3.4 Technical feasibility
  • 3.5 Ability of the experiment team
  • 3.6 Coherence to the whole aspect of the experiment
  • 3.7 Educational meaning
  • 3.8 Promotion of new research areas and novice experimenters

4. Selection procedures

  • 4.1 As the organization open for domestic and abroad, CROSS employs English as a standard language. Applications are submitted and reviewed in English by the Proposal Evaluation Committee (hereinafter referred to as the Evaluation Committee), which consists of members chosen from the international pool. Industrial Use Proposals shall be allowed to submit in Japanese.
  • 4.2 Expert Panels shall be set up under the Evaluation Committee.
  • 4.3 Considering the results of the Evaluation Committee, Selection Committee prepares a draft of the proposal selection and reports it to CROSS-Tokai Director.
  • 4.4 CROSS-Tokai Director screens the proposals based on the report and announce the result publically. The information on the result shall be managed properly in accordance with the “Basic Policy on management of the information concerning the Usage Promotion Services for the Specific Neutron Beamline Facilities”.

5. Research Study by Registered Institution

As Specific Neutron Beam Facilities, in order to answer for the responsibility to be the knowledge-creating hub, to stimulate an active exchange of views and to attract excellent scientists who have outstanding research proposals, it is essential for Registered Institution to possess the profound knowledge on the field of the neutron beam generation and its utilization itself. Based on the provisions of Article 12 of the “Act on the Promotion of Public Utilization of the Specific Advanced Large Research Facilities”, investigation research to promote facilities utilization by the researchers of the Registered Organization using a certain portion of the beamtime will be executed with the approval of the Minister of the MEXT.

The Registered Institution shall positively pursue the promotion of the cooperation through international and domestic exchanges of researchers at the relevant organizations and participation in international research and development activities. Also it strives for vitalizing human resource exchanges by proactively promoting international symposiums.

6. Provision of information

Technical information such as specification, performance and operation schedules, other information on calls and approvals of the proposals and the status of utilization shall be made available to public through internet media or the linkage with the J-PARC center website.

As the need arises, Registered Institution shall provide information regarding the latest operational status and technical information and give technical advice for those who wish to use the Public Beamlines through the websites and other proper channels.