Utilization Promotion Division

Utilization Promotion Division

Business outline

We provide support to the Public Beamline users as well as applicants who want to conduct researches using Public Beamline.

Main Members

Phone: (+81)29-219-5300
*Please put “@cross.or.jp” behind the email name.

Dr. Takashi Noma
Takashi NOMA
Division head
Email : t_noma
Dr.Kenichi Funakoshi
Deputy division head (Principal researcher)
PHS(ext.): 9289
Email: k_funakoshi
Beamline in charge: BL11 PLANET
R&D information: researchmap
伊藤 崇芳
Dr. Takayoshi ITO
Manager (Associate researcher)
Email: t_ito
MLF team: MLF computational engineering team
MLF SciTech group: Structure sensitive properties and long-period structural properties research group
R&D information: researchmap
Toshiki ASAI
Manager, Group leader
Email : t_asai