Industrial Collaboration Promotion Division

Industrial Collaboration Promotion Division

Business outline

The Industrial Collaboration Promotion Division is responsible for planning, implementing, and supporting industrial collaborations, as well as collaborating and coordinating with external organizations, in order to further promote industrial applications at the J-PARC MLF.

  1. Planning various workshops, etc.: workshops for launching industrial consortiums, workshops for collaborative use of synchrotron radiation, etc.
  2. Consulting: Various consultations by researchers, etc. on experiments using quantum beam facilities, etc.
  3. Technical assistance: technical guidance, experimental support, joint experiments, etc.
  4. Other matters related to industrial collaboration

Main Members

Phone: (+81)29-219-5300
*Please put “” behind the email name.

柴山 充弘
Dr. Shibayama Mitsuhiro
Section head(Director)
Email : m_shibayama
Seiya Konishi
Deputy Division head
Email : s_konishi
Dr.Noboru Miyata
Dr. Noboru MIYATA
Manager (Group leader, Associate researcher)
PHS(ext.): 9267
Email: n_miyata
Beamline in charge: BL17 SHARAKU
R&D information: researchmap