Valuable opportunity to exchange information with industrial world


Valuable opportunity to exchange information with industrial world

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“J-PARC Workshop2018/Deuterium Labeling Study for Neutron Science” was held on January 1, Tuesday, and 16, Wednesday, 2019 at IQBRC. On this occasion, 17 lectures including two by speakers from overseas (ANST, SNS) were given, and J-PARC tour was held. There were 44 participants.

This workshop provided a good opportunity for the researchers and technical experts of deuterium labeled materials to share the information on the current status of research both in academic and industrial areas. Especially, exchange of information with industrial world was very beneficial. We will continue the information exchange and strengthen the efforts for fulfilling the proposals and discussions made at this workshop.

Dr. T. A. Darwish (ANSTO-NDF), one of speakers from overseas

Deuterium labeling is used in neutron scattering research to control scattering contrast, and therefore it is an important technology for enabling a great leap of the neutron science. This workshop was organized with the purpose of promoting international interaction and encouraging leading research activities through sharing information on the latest outcome among domestic and overseas researchers, technical experts and those from the industrial circle.


The workshop gathered diverse speakers and participants belonging to universities, research institutes and companies, and discussions were held on broad-ranging subjects from the latest research topics to the industrial issues concerning provision of deuterium materials. Various information was exchanged especially on monomers that compose polymers. This time, by gathering researchers and technical experts who had high interest in deuterated polymers, international exchange of information could be realized in this research area. Also, substantial discussions were conducted on the development of J-PARC MLF deuteration laboratory, and proposals to promote activities at J-PARC MLF were presented.

J-PARC tour

The 2nd internal workshop on deuterium labeled materials is scheduled to take place in July 2019. The detailed information will be released online. We appreciate the participation of people interested in this area of research. Also, a website for gathering and releasing information concerning deuterium labeled research which includes information on workshops is planned to be launched soon. Its information will be released online soon.

This workshop was hosted by J-PARC and co-hosted by J-PARC MLF Users Society and CROSS under the sponsorship of the Japanese Society for Process Chemistry and National Institutes for Quantum and Radiological Science and Technology (QST).

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