Message from the Director

Director, Neutron Science and Technology Center, CROSS

The Comprehensive Research Organization for Science and Society (CROSS) has conducted user promotion services at J-PARC MLF since April 2011 after being appointed by the Japanese government to the “Registered Institution for Facility Use Promotion” for J-PARC MLF, and this April marked the ninth year. CROSS will continue its activities as the Registered Institution for Facility Use Promotion keeping in mind its Mission, that is, producing excellent output at MLF through comprehensive user support, leading to scientific discovery and technical innovation and contributing to the evolution of society. Such efforts of CROSS will also be based on the Guiding Principles, which consist of fair and clear proposal selections, new users promotion, attentive user support, promotion of research output, releasing the results, collaboration with domestic and international scientists and research institutions, and human resource development.

The last fiscal year, stable supply of beam power at 500 kW could be continued using the target vessel Unit 8. MLF has achieved with a high operation rate over 90%, and the number of operation days exceeded the planned 176 days of 8 cycles in the year.

J-PARC MLF takes it essential to provide stable and reliable beam supply for users to conduct research without hindrance. Making further effort to provide 1MW rated power output, MLF staff will be diligently working hard to enhance the performance of the facility step by step.

Currently we have seven Public Beamlines at MLF. They are BL01 (4SEASONS), BL02 (DNA), BL11 (PLANET), BL15 (TAIKAN), BL17 (SHARAKU), BL18 (SENJU) and BL22 (RADEN). Working in close collaboration with J-PARC Center (JAEA, KEK), CROSS will continue to be fully committed to the task of user support on the Public Beamlines. This includes providing technical information and specialists’ advice, operating a fair and transparent proposal selection system, diligently supporting the experiments of the Public Beamline users, and conducting R&D for promoting advanced research at MLF. This April, CROSS concluded a cooperation agreement with Institute for Materials Research, Tohoku University for contributing to the development of the material science using neutron. Also in April, a consortium participated by five companies and researchers from universities and research institutes was established to start activities to accelerate research into functional polymeric material. CROSS undertakes support for the achievement of its goals. With these new activities, CROSS will strive to realize full potential of the Public Beamlines and to help facilitate further important scientific outcomes.

In order for CROSS and J-PARC to make further progress, we will greatly appreciate your continued support and encouragement.


Hideaki Yokomizo
April, 2018